Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Scheduling Sadhana part 2

Scheduling Sadhana's...the harvest is on!! We have been working hard weeding and gathering a ton of amazing veggies from the garden. Now is the perfect time to gather our thoughts and plan our days. Weekly and monthly planning is one of the best ways to create a Sadhana (practice) that works for you and your family.

I grabbed tomatoes and zucchini and threw together a quick lunch. Keep it simple. Time in the kitchen doesn't need to be complicated. You can see my lunch recipe here.

Mother Nature is our teacher and she offers the perfect bounty at the perfect time. If you break down your kitchen duties your time in the kitchen can become a pure pleasure. How does that look?
*Take stock of your pantry. Throw away any old stale items. Check the quality of your oils, grains and legumes and replace them with fresh.

* Focus on fresh and local when possible. I like to place my staples in glass jars so that my eye have a feast every time I open the pantry door. Clear out your utensil drawer. You want your space to be clear of clutter.

*Eliminate processed items. The goal being...don't eat it if it comes from a bag, can or box. Keep it fresh and real. 

*Make a pot of Kichadi. 

*Monthly, on the full moon - make ghee. 

*Every couple of weeks roast and grind a seasonal Masala. 

*Hit the farmers market on the weekend filling your fridge with gorgeous fruits and veggies.Purchase items that inspire you to create. It's important to stimulate all your senses.  

*Weekly make a Raita. (They will last 5 days or so.) Having a yummy condiment with all the six tastes can be an easy way to balance your dinner plate.

*Look within...take inventory of what you are craving. Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Try to make your kitchen a place of loving kindness. Feel how the vibration changes with your intention. Play sweet music and burn a bay leaf to set the stage for kitchen creativity.

*Eat seasonal foods. Follow your Dosha (constitution) food list and add in new varieties.

*Clean the kitchen when you have finished. Your kitchen should be inviting and all set for your return. 

Take the time to invest in yourself. Chop grind and blend flavors together that will heal your mind and body. Awaken the sacred memories of a simpler time when everything was made from scratch. Check in with us on facebook - we'll be having  an "Ayurvedic Kitchen Prepping" class soon. 

Blessing to all!
Sweet zucchini kisses!
Naomi & Brian

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