Savoy Cabbage Wrap

Before Blanching
 I miss sandwiches and subs.  I've learned to live without bread but, I still miss the complex blending of tastes and textures that make up a good sub. Raw food isn't recommended during this time of the year.  So we're going to remove some of the cold roughness from the cabbage by lightly blanching.  I used a little bit of cooked food with a little bit of raw creating a fantastic medley of tastes and textures.  

Cutting our pie wedge
Remove the Savoy leaves so that you have equally sized pairs.  Place a pair of leaves into a pan with boiling water.  Allow them to blanch for around 10-20 seconds.  The color will brighten and they will become soften and will lie flat, making them easier to roll and digest.  

Remove from boiling water and blot dry with towels.  Carefully cut away the hard stem creating a "V" or pie shaped wedge.  Take two of the leaves and weave the cut out areas together.  This will create a nice flat uniform area to work with.  The two leaves will fit together like puzzle pieces.  Now comes the fun part.  Add whatever yummy items work for your constitution.  Then roll as you would roll Sushi.  You can tuck the ends in or leave them open.   
Fitting the wedges together

Filling wrap

Rice tossed with South River Miso Honey Dressing
Sliced Heirloom Tomato
Sliced Avocado
Roll it all tightly and enjoy. This can be easily wrapped in parchment paper and carrier to school or work for lunch.  Pack a small container with extra dressing for dipping. Have fun creating different combinations!

Remember it's Vata season: Eat warm, soft, unctuous (oily) foods, and stick to a routine!

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