Monday, August 6, 2018

Scheduling Sadhana's part 1

Scheduling Sadhana's that's a tricky subject. Sadhana's are the daily routines that we engage in to bring balance and wellbeing to the body.  We all have routines and habits that we have been dragging with us for years. Are your routines the ones best suited for your nature? Ponder that for a second....are you living and behaving in a manor that is most suited for your growth? Failure? In the middle

The pace that we move in our life doesn't have to be dictated completely by outside influences. We can have self mastery. The question you want to try? The thought of making any kind of change can be a bit overwhelming. What if I fail? What if I look foolish? What if - What if - What if! 

Ok take a step back - Inhale - Exhale - Now pick one thing. That's it, just one thing you want to change. We can't change everything at once. We need to move with baby steps allowing our mind, body and spirit to adapt. While you are figuring out what you want to change have a sip of this cooling Limeade with Ginger and Basil.
Go here for Limeade with Ginger and Basil

Once a week/month we sit down and look over our old-fashion hard copy calendars. At the beginning of each month Brian and I sit down and make a simple map of how the month plans to unfold. We are checking for classes that we will take, classes we will teach and make sure to schedule days for spontaneous fun. This is also a time for us to evaluate on how our personal practices are unfolding. We look at our family practices, deciding if there needs to be more engagement. 

Today the guys will be in to sand and poly our kitchen floors. This has given us the opportunity to embrace the Sadhana of kitchen prepping. Everything has to be moved out.
For the next several days we will be living like campers and our meal preps will be in the studio. Next will come the inventory of all our "stuff". We will begin the process of making space by eliminating all the tools we have ceased to use. Making space, throwing out old spices, putting our beans and grains in pretty jars is a foundational practice. It will make our kitchen apothecary ready for the next phase. Sooooo...we challenge you to hit your cupboards hard. Follow along on our journey - there is alway power in numbers.  Soon it will be time to start canning and freezing - you need to make space. Scheduling Sadhana's part 2 will be coming soon and we'll show you how to take your Ayurvedic kitchen prepping to the next level. 
Go here for Limeade with Ginger and Basil

Blessing to all!
Sweet lemonade kisses!
Love to all!
Naomi & Brian

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