Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcoming Spring with a little Kohlrabi

Onondaga Creek
Kohlrabi is in the house.  Eating with the seasons...whew....enough with the root vegetables.  Thank God our CSA has given us many inspirational options through Pinterest. 

We have been dealing with unseasonably cold weather and Spring keeps teasing us with the promise of warm sunny days and fresh bitter greens. We are so ready for a good cleanse.

The Ayurvedic book The Wheel  by Michelle S.Fondin states that "According to Ayurveda, the environment is your extended body. Anything outside your physical body is an extension of you." How cool is that?  Your mind is set for spring, the clocks have changed, the sun is rising earlier and is setting later and yet your physical body will mirror the cold snow that Mother Nature has gifted us. 

For those wanting to get right to the recipe for Simple Kohlrabi with Pistachio's click here

Physically the snow has been

above average and the temperatures have been below average. Ayurvedically that causes an imbalance because our mental body isn't in the same place as our physical bodies.

Flowing Waters
 We will be starting our 21-day Spring cleanse in a few weeks.  Boy are we ready to shed some of the gunk we have accumulated over the winter months.  We are ready to shake off the slow sluggish hibernating body - it's time to reset our metabolism and awaken our bodies.  Just as nature starts to send out the first early bitter greens (dandelion, nettle, Ground Ivy, Plantain and Chickweed) to reset the season we need to make changes too.

I challenge you to a little wild-crafting this Spring. Explore your lawn as everything starts to awaken.  You would be surprised at the beautiful salad that nature has gifted you.
Snow (Kapha) Melting Off
Here is a link for those up for the wild edible challenge.

Simple Kohlrabi with Pistachio's recipe

Embrace the changes that are coming.  

Blessings to All!
Sweet Kohlrabi Kisses!
With Love Naomi & Brian

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