Monday, February 25, 2013


Intense Focus
Running energy
ALL SCANS CLEAR!! Wow - that is such a great thing to say out loud. If that doesn't count as a Bonus Day - I don't know what does. Happy Dance - Energy Sprinkles - The whole nine yards!!  My nervous system doesn't do well when I'm sitting on pins and needles. Waiting to hear back from the Drs was a bit of a nightmare.  I admit it, I cried with relief.   Now we just need to get to the bottom of some lab work and I should be good to go.  Walking with and learning the art of patience is one of life's biggies!  

This weekend we had a full house at our Stone Totem Yoga Studio.  We had a group of eager students learning the art of Quantum Touch.  The studio was ramped with energy.  Everyone had a chance to give and receive energy treatments.  Quantum Touch is a technique that Judy and I have been using for a long time.  It's a powerful piece of work and anyone can learn.  We had a bountiful potluck feast that was tasty and beautiful to look at.  

Working his Mala beads

We had a little buddy with us this weekend.  He was so good.  When children have the chance to grow up in an energetic environment they will carry an open heart and awareness into adulthood.  This sweet boy has a Mommy that will keep his vibration high.  It will be a gift to watch him grow. 

Having the chance to revisit the Quantum Touch program was a perfect way to end my week.  I work with Energy every single day and taking the process down to it's most basic level is truly refreshing.  I love having those Bonus Moments when my students have their "Aha" moments! 
Creating an Energy Star!
This is also a time for these gifted humans to share some of the other gifts that they utilize.  They will begin merging the Quantum Touch process with the other talents that they bring to the table -creating stellar hybrid energy workers!!  We live in such an incredible time!

We'll have a yummy recipe for next time. Stay warm it's looking to drop before it gets better.
Blessings to all!
Warm Energy filled Kisses!

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