Monday, September 8, 2014

Vata - Autumn - Keeping the Balance!

Autumn Afternoon Sun
The season is changing - cooler nights warm bright days.  The perfect weather to ripen apples and change the color of the leaves on the trees.  Vata season has arrived.  It's time to make those subtle changes that will keep us in balance through Autumn.  Vata season is when it becomes cold, windy and dry.  These qualities create imbalances inside and outside of our bodies.  You might have chapped lips and very dry skin on the outside and constipation due to internal dryness.  In Ayurveda we often heal and balance with opposites.  Vata season is one of those times.  

Drying colors on the trail

Keeping a regular routine - going to bed and rising at the same time, eating meals at the same time and doing your daily (Dinacharya) routines is vital for balance.  We mirror our environment.  Watch as the leaves begin to change color, dry up and fall.  Mother Earth is getting ready to hibernate.  

One of the best ways to calm Vata is to eat warm unctuous (oily) foods.  I don't mean deep-fried - that's just a big old artery clogger! Cook with Olive oil,Coconut oil or Ghee. A little oil can be very soothing to the nervous system.  Soups, stews, warm tea are wonderful options for supporting your constitution.   It's time to back off on the all raw meals.  They are fine during the heat of the summer when we are looking for cooling foods.  Now, we are looking for warm home cooked  comfort foods.  

High Vata
Anxious - Chapped dry skin and lips - Fear - Constipated - Dry Stool - Gas & Bloating - Light Restless Sleep - Tremors - Hate of the Cold & Wind - Flighty thoughts - Difficult time focusing - Worry & Panic - Thin - Underweight - Hypersensitive to Sounds and Environment

Savoy Wrap
Keep life simple and as uncomplicated as possible.  Feed your body and keep it warm.  Follow your constitutional routine so that your system is supported.  Get out your scarves, hats and socks.  

This is a season that allows you to get creative in the kitchen.  There are so many amazing  fruits and veggies at the market right now.  The harvest is in full swing.  The boys have been working in the orchard so I'm always looking for new lunchbox ideas.  I made them Savoy Cabbage Wraps - the options are endless. Fill them with anything you might ordinarily put into a wrap.  Beans, rice, sprouts, goat cheese, nut cheese, hummus or a veggie pate`are all amazing options!  To see the recipe CLICK on the link-
Apple Chutney!
We'll be creating our Autumn Spice blend in the next week and some Apple Chutney.

Enjoy the remaining sunny days of summer!

Blessings to All!
Warm Sunny Kisses!

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