Monday, May 20, 2013

Polarity of Weaving - Blending with our Spouses!

Naomi & Michelle
Greetings from Tully Valley!  We entertained a group of kindred spirits this weekend.  Couples of like minds. was the feminine Shakti (power) that gathered us together with their spouses.  We came together as one united force to share our ancestral wild side.  Michelle and her hubby Bill, were our leaders in creating a "Weaving a Life" garden loom for our home/studio!  It was an opportunity for us to bring our men together. Working together they created a beautiful standing loom.  

This loom was created with love and the intention of a common cause - supporting each other as we work through our processes and heal!  We wanted our guys to be included in this new experience.  They support us in so many of our endeavors (behind the scene).  It was time for them to come together and join our tribe of healers and energy workers.  We wanted them there not just as silent bystanders, but as actual participants.  
Carl, Brian, Bill & Roger

The building of our loom was like watching the raising of a barn.  The ladies in the kitchen preparing a feast.  The lads working together as a team.....producing a beautiful work of art.
A piece of living art that will change with the seasons.  A piece of living art that will change as our intentions dictate.  My heart and soul is so very full today!  We created as a community something simple and beautiful that will change us forever.

changing plans
 Community and gathering is something that, many times these days, only happens during a tragedy.  We took the time to come together in celebration.  Celebration of love and life.  Take time friends to follow our lead.  It is very powerful and special sharing this time.  A bond of power is created that can hold you in a place of strength - a place we will all need at some point in the journey of life.  Community is a lost art.  Our Grandparents gathered for many reasons - weddings, births, death and to support each other in daily life.

Recipe Share!
Finishing touches
We can't loose this connection.  Our mind, body and spirit need this unity.  Form your own gathering of friends and family - NOW!!  Don't wait for a reason - Create one!  You have the opportunity to gather, build, laugh and feast just as we have.  Peace to the Loom - Peace to the Feast - Peace to the Gathering of Friends!!

Bring on the flowers!
Weaving our Intentions!
Hail to the Loom!!
Another Rockin Feast
After the loom was completed the fun really started.  We collected plants, flowers, vines, pine cones, rocks and branches melding them with fibers and beads to create this gorgeous tapestry.

Today my recipe might shock some of you.  I cooked a Roast!! "Good God, I thought they were vegetarians." I am a vegetarian for health reasons, but in truth our home is Flexitarian.   I cook and prepare meals as my family and guest need.   We were having meat-eatin men to dinner. Our guests required Beef!  I went to Creekside Meadows Farm (my brother Matt's place). 
His farm is an amazing sustainable farm.  Check them out if home grown meat is your thing!
Trish (Matt's wife) hooked me up with a piece of beef.  She gave me instructions on what to do.  The recipe follows: (I was nervous - this isn't my area of expertise)

Roast Beef Rub
1 tablespoon thyme
1 tablespoon rosemary
1 tablespoon ground fennel
2 tablespoons oregano
2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
2 teaspoons ground pepper

Mix all together and rub into meat - I let it sit covered in the fridge for about 12 hours.
Brown all sides of beef in a saute` pan.

2 onions
3 peppers (yellow, orange & red)
1 cup water
 Chunk up veggies and place in crock pot.
Add water
Place meat on top of a crock pot meat rack. (you can get them through Amazon)
Cook on low for 8 hours

Easy and my Manly-Men loved it!!

Blessings to all!
Sweet Lilac kisses!

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